Thursday, February 24, 2011

Makeup Artist Series-Basic Kit

Hey Beauties,

I'm back with another post. This is a slightly different one- it's one of these posts for makeup artists who need help and advice on what tips and techniques, what to buy, how to store their makeup etc.  A lot of people ask me what I stock in my professional kit. It depends on what your needs are. For aspiring makeup artists, you need to research and find products that suit you ( and your budget ) the best. Of course,  building up a basic kit can be hard work and a lot of dedication. Here are some things that you'll need in a basic professional makeup kit.
Face products:

  •  Skincare: You need makeup wipes to remove any dirt or residue, moisturizer that's gentle enough for sensitive skin and suits all types of skin ( You can buy also moisturizer for dry and oily skin) and eye cream if your client has mature or dry skin. 

  • Primer: If your client has oily skin, you'll need to use an oil-free primer and to help makeup last longer if you're working with brides.

  • Foundations: It's important to have a beautiful canvas. Choose foundations that are ideal for your client's needs and skin type for example if he/she has oily skin, use an oil-free foundation.

  • Powder: Make sure the powder you buy is not too cakey and is finely milled. Loose powder is suitable for everybody and it's best to find one that's yellow-toned whether your client has fair, medium or dark skin. Use pressed powder if you like. 

  • Highlighting products: These products are really beautiful. They give the skin a subtle glow and not so   glittery. I used MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel and Sun Rush but you can use any type of highlighter. Some hilighting products are either liquid or powder.

  • Blush and bronzer: Gives the cheeks color and a glow within. Use a soft pink for fair skins, peach for medium skin, and plum for dark. I really love Nars Orgasm because it gives a very beautiful color and suits everybody. For bronzers, don't use anything that's too orangey because it can look very artificial and streaky. You can use bronzer for contouring but make sure it doesn't have glitter. It has to be matte. 
Eye products:
  • Primer: Helps eyeshadow from creasing and makes color more vibrant.

  • Eyeshadow: Start with neutrals and then update with bright colors

  • Eyebrow pencils: Start with 2 shades lighter if your client is a brunette and 3 shades darker if your clients is a blond.

  • Eyeliner: A black pencil to line the waterline and eyes is a classic for pro and aspiring makeup artists. It's best to start with black and then update with other colors such as brown, beige, navy blue and if you like, bright colors such as green and purple.

  • Mascara: Get volumizing and lengthening mascara.

Lip products:

  • Lip liner: I prefer beige lip liner but I recommend beige, red, pink, peach for the basic colors

  • Lipstick: I prefer to have them mushed  in a palette instead of looking every where to look for a specific color.  I recommend beige, reds, pinks and peaches for basic colors.

    Nice to have:
    •  Breath mints: WHY? Because you're working face to face with clients, you need to have fresh breath and also the client needs  as well.

    • Spatula: This is a must-have for scooping out product such as creamy foundation and of course lipstick. It's important to be sanitary and not scooping out any makeup with fingers if they're not clean.

    • Brush cleaner: It's important to have a clean set of brushes because it's important to be sanitary in this industry especially if you have multiple clients.

    • Palette: This is great for depotting lipsticks and creamy foundations.

    • Hand sanitizer: Great for cleaning hands between clients.

    Most important! A train case. 

    Hope you like this post! Please let me know what you stock in your kit in the comment box below.


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