Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks

Hey Beauties,

Sorry for my 2 month hiatus. Been super busy. I decided to do a post that got me inspired by Makeup by RenRen. She had top 10 really beautiful lipsticks to show off by MAC for her professional and personal kit. So here are mine. Most of the lipsticks are in the permanent range and some are limited edition.

1. Siss- It's a golden brown that  looks great as a nude for women of color. Pair it with lipliner and warm-toned lipgloss, looks gorgeous.

2. Myth- A peachy beige color with a satin finish that I pair with smokey eyes on my clients. Beware of concealer lips, you might want to tone it down by blotting the color with tissue.

3. Fresh Moroccan- A brick red with golden shimmer. I recommend it with soft neutral eyeshadow and black liner so is not to take the attention away from the lips. Great for creating retro looks.

4. Tanarama - A really beautiful golden pale beige  with a frosty finish. Matches everything.

5. Sandy B- A really light shell pink with frost. Pair with pink or clear lipgloss equals a pretty look for a Saturday night out or date.

6. Morange- It's a shockingly bright neon orange. Beware it stains the lips so remove the color using a scrub specially for the lips.

7. Gel- A metallic beige that's really sheer that I really love on myself.

8. Bronze Shimmer- I love bronze for lipstick. It gives a super metallic and golden touch to a finished look. So, this color is the one if you're searching for a bronze lipstick.

9. Fresh Brew- A creamy coffee lipstick. One of my favorite lipsticks to use in my  personal kit.

10. Bubbles: It's a creamy white lustre lip color but unfortunately it was a limited edition.

11. Cherish- A pinky-nude color. I love it. Matches everything

There are so many lipsticks that I want to try that aren't in my kit such as Hellraiser, Brave Red, Retro, Gleam , Show Orchid and sooooo much more.

I hope you enjoyed this post.


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