Friday, May 06, 2011

Top 10 MAC Eyeshadows

Hey beauties,

I've decided to continue with the MAC series that I've started back in March ( See here).  I've decided to show my favorite eyeshadows that are for my personal and professional kits. Some of are limited edition and some are permanent. Check it out!

1. Gorgeous Gold: A greenish gold to use as a highlight or as an allover lid color

2. Carbon: It's a matte black that I use on clients to accentuate the outer corner, line upper and lower lashlines and to create a smokey eye.

3. Parfait Amour: A really beautiful purple.

4. Amber Lights: Everybody must have this color. This color is a golden brown with a frosty finish.

5. Nylon: An ivory color to use as a highlight or as an allover lid color.

6. Black Tied: It's a blackish gray that has a frosty finish with soft shimmer

7. Passionate: A really bright hot pink that has a matte finish.

8. Orange: What can I say about this apart from being a super bright orange?

9. Going Bananas: A frosty yellow that I really like to use for a pop of color. Unfortunately, it was a limited edition.

10. Paradisco: It's a nice coral with a frosty finish

11. Beauty Marked: A blackish gray-red with a frosty finish. I love to use it on clients.

12. Club: A reddish brown that reflects turquoise/ green shimmer  gives the eyes a funky look which I adore.

13. Humid: A really beautiful hunter green. Love it!

Why not chose more than 10 eyeshadows that you just love? Some of the eyeshadows that aren't in my kit that I want get are Seedy Pearl, Omega,Sable, Retrospeck, Kid, Scene, Lime, Winkle etc because they are really beautiful. Please tell me what are your favorite MAC eyeshadows in the comments below!


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