Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tag: 10 Makeup Mistakes

Hi Beauties,

I've wanted do a post  on 10  makeup mistakes that I used to do in the past. I got inspired by a video tag on YouTube. This one is kind of fun.
I wanted to : a) Make you guys laugh b) Do something new c) Teach you how to learn from your mistakes.

1.  I used to use a lot of blue eyeshadow just by itself. Now when I create a look using blue eyeshadow, I use a brown color in the crease to tone the color down and make it more wearable.

2. During my makeup journey, I used to wear bronzer all the time and it made my skin soo red in pictures. Now I use it sparingly with blush.

3. I used to wear foundation that was too light on my skin. Make sure you match your foundation to your skin tone.

4. Using foundation to conceal dark circles. Big mistake... it made my eyes red. Use a proper concealer to cover dark circles

5. Too much frosty everything. I used to use a lot of frosty makeup. You name it, eyes, lips etc. Stick with one feature to play up with and keep everything else matte.

6. You must wash your brushes to keep them away from bacteria.  I used to keep my brushes in my drawer until I washed them several months later, ewww!.

7. I still sleep with makeup sometimes-bad bad! But I'm getting better at it. I use wipes if I'm not bothered to wash my face.

8.  Using the wrong red lipstick! Someone told me that the red lipstick I wore to a wedding  once looked like I've ate a kid, lol! Find the perfect red for your skin tone.
9. Don't use dark lip liner. Use lip liner in neutral tones. It's more flattering.

10. Last but not least, don't use too much blush. You want a flushed glow but not a clownish one.

Hope you like this post and learnt something.

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