Sunday, September 09, 2012

Product I Regret Buying- H&M 32 Eyeshadow Palette

Hey Beauties,

I'm back with another post- I've decided to do a series called "Products I Regret Buying". This series will be different products that I've bought with my own money and was not happy with the results. Hopefully, I can share my review with you to give you guys an idea whether you want to buy it or not.  Some products look great but when you get to use them for the first time you get them from a store, something is wrong e.g a runny concealer, broken heels in shoes, you name it.  Good packaging doesn't always mean good quality. Here's an eyeshadow palette that I bought that looked pretty in the pan but didn't perform as well as I except it to be!

I had bought this eyeshadow palette from a friend of  my supervisor at work a few months ago and she told me great reviews about it. As a makeup addict and artist, I gave in and couldn't resist, lol

As you can see here, it has 32 shades from neutrals to bright colors numbered 1 to 32 It has cheap looking packaging, some of the colors aren't pigmented and very chalky, are very sheer  and don't stay on as other eyeshadows even if you use a primer on. There is a lot of fall out especially if you're using the bright and dark shades so take care when you use this palette. 

Here are some random swatches. As you can see here, some of the shades are very sheer and chalky.

Hope you like this post! Till next time, ciao! Tell me, have you ever bought a product that you thought was great and it turned out to be disappointing?

Disclosure:  Item purchased by me. I have not been paid to write this post and am not affiliated the company mentioned. These are my own and honest opinions and thoughts.

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