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Makeup Artist Series: How Did I Became A Makeup Artist? Plus Tips and Tricks of the Trade

Hey Beauties,

Happy Tuesday!I'm on a roll this week with a chockfull of posts for you guys but I'm back with my Makeup Artist series. You guys probably want to know how did I became a makeup artist. I will give you my story plus tips and tricks on how to get to be successful in the industry. This is a super long post that is worth reading.  Check it out!

  • My Journey: 

Since my early childhood I have wanted to become a makeup artist. I would watch, spell bound, as the older women in my family painted their faces. I was fascinated by cosmetics as a young girl, and, during my travels abroad, would hang around the beauty stores studying row after row of different cosmetic products and watching the makeup artists apply their crafts, skills and products on people of different cultures, ethnicity, and color. I was really fascinated by the styles and techniques that they used. It never ceased to amaze me how much better the women looked after having been worked over by the artists. It was almost miraculous! After finishing high school in 2002, I went to college and graduated -June 2007- with Logistics as my major. I enjoyed the diverse courses I took in college but the dream of being a beautician never went away.

  •  Makeup School? Is it worth it?  
For me, it was definitely worth it. I enrolled in the French Institute of Cosmetology after graduating from college in 2007. I spent a good 2 months there learning about: color theory, sanitizing, makeup for women of color, etc. But if you choose to be self taught, the Internet is a great place to learn about makeup. Try checking out Youtube videos , reading makeup and beauty blogs. Go to your local library/ bookstore and check out the makeup books.

  • Practice!! 
You really need to practice. This is where you learn the most. I asked my friends if they can be my models so I could practice on them. At the beginning, it's okay to make mistakes but you learn from them. Try practicing on all ethnicities and ages in order to be a more versatile artist

  • Building up the kit: 
This is where the fun started. Before becoming a makeup artist,  I used be addicted to Sephora and MAC and would spend hours there and come out of the store with a bag  ( or two and sometimes 3).  I'm not going to lie, it's a huge investment and costing hundreds and thousand of dollars. Get your pro discounts. Try buying makeup like lipstick and mascara from the drugstore. The quality of cosmetics in drugstores has improved a lot within the past 3 or 4 years. Major cosmetic companies have discounts for makeup professionals that are up to 20- 40% at least. You have to separate your professional stash from your personal. That's where sanitation comes in. 

  • Putting yourself out there!
Order business cards that suit your personality and are yet professional. Give them out to friends. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Get on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter. Assist other makeup artists. When I first started, I assisted a fellow makeup artist for a wedding. It was a great experience. But there are times I had ups and downs.. sometimes I was super busy and other times it was slow. That's the nature of being a freelance artist.

  • Portfolio:

Have your portfolio ready! It's important to have one because you'll never know who might be your next potential client. Get your digital camera ready if you have one and start taking before and after pictures. Sometimes I ask my clients to send me pictures if they're having professional photos.  

  • What type of makeup artist are you?

There are several branches into makeup artistry such as bridal, high fashion, special effects etc. As I do engagements and other special occasion makeup mainly. I prefer to be versatile. It depends on a person's choice.

I hope that helps some of you.  Please feel free to add your own advice in the comment box below. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on my new series Brand Spotlight. The brand that I'll talk about will be a surprise. Ciao!

Disclosure:  Post not sponsored. I have not been paid to make this post. These are my own and honest thoughts and opinions

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