Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All About Z Palettes, Depotting and Making Eyeshadows Stick

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I'm back with another video and post. This came as a request from one of my viewers. This one is all about the Z Palettes, what is depotting and how to make eyeshadows and blush stick. It has been in my pro kit and personal stash for ages and is great for those who have many shades of eyeshadow and blush and who want to put them into one place. Check it out!
Check out the video

What are Z Palettes?
Z Palettes are empty recycled cardboard palettes that are eco friendly. These are great for makeup artists and the everyday woman.  They have a magnetic base which you can put your depotted eyeshadows and blushes. There's a clear window in which you can see everything you have inside without a fuss. They come in different sizes and colors as you can see that I have 3 of the large ones and one small. The great thing about them is that you can fold the top to save space on your vanity or makeup station.

In the video I go through several methods on how to depot. Here are some of them:
  • The candle method: Use a candle to help melt the plastic for a few seconds. Push the melted plastic using tweezers because the metal pan might still be hot so be careful. 

  • The flat iron method: Stack a couple of eyeshadows on top of the flat iron for a few seconds. Then push out the metal pan out of the plastic compact with tweezers or a small kitchen knife.
After you've done all of your depotting, you need magnets to help them stick. What you need is rubbing alcohol to remove any glue on the pan, tissue to help clean and magnets to stick on the pans. Z Palettes have now 20 magnets that you stick on. 

*Fun fact: All of the palettes are 100% recyclable and they have a recycling center. Send 3 at a time and you'll receive 20% off with a coupon code on their site

You can buy the palettes at www.zpalette.com

Hope you guys like this post. Tell me in the comment box below if you guys own a Z palette ( or 2). Ciao!

Disclosure: All products purchased by me. I am not affiliated with the company mentioned. These are my own and honest thoughts and opinions. 

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