Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Current Skincare Routine

Hey Beauties,

Happy Tuesday! I'm back with another post.  I wanted to show you guys my skincare routine and what products I've been using. It's better to have good skin more than makeup in order to have a great canvas.  My skin care routine is the same for day and night. Check it out after the jump!
FYI: Some of the products are for dry skin. Not all skin types need the same products. Every skin is different.

I use a non-drying facial cleanser because sometimes my skin used to be so flaky from some cleansers. I don't use a specific brand. Sometimes, I use Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleaner.  
Sometimes , I use a different one.
Once or twice a week, I use a peel-off mask to make my skin radiant and more refreshed especially after a long day at work lol. Also sometimes, I use a clay mask once or twice in case of breakouts.

I use a toner to remover excess dirt or makeup that didn't completely come off. I don't have any particular preference. Currently I'm using AVON Solutions Hydra Radiance Energising Toner. It has been featured here  in my March 2013 favorites video.

Makeup Remover
I use Nuance by Salma Hayek Dual Phase makeup remover to remove my makeup before cleansing. It has a dual phase formula that you shake up to mix together. It removes the most stubborn makeup like waterproof mascara.

I use serums before moisturizing to make sure there is added moisture especially during night time. It helps my skin more plump and dewy.

It's important to moisturize the skin so it remain plump and dewy. I use St. Ives Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer for day and night.

Eye Cream:
It's important to have an eye cream because you want to retain moisture and prevent wrinkles from forming. It's better to start early in your mid 20's than later in life.
Lip Care:
It's important to care for your lips. I use a lip scrub to get rid of any dryness followed by a lip balm. 

Hope you guys like this post. Tell me what is your skincare routine in the comments below. Ciao!

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