Friday, November 01, 2013

October 2013 Empties

Hey Beauties,

Happy Friday! Happy belated Halloween. I hope you guys had fun partying, trick or treating or relaxing with family and friends. I'm back with another Empties post. October has been a good month when it comes to empty makeup and beauty products. I got a chockfull of products to show you. Check it out!
Here are the products that I have used and finished up completely for the month of October:

From left to right: Bath and Body Works Coconut Summer Vanillas Fragrance Mist, Nivea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray with Aloe Vera, Eva Acetone Nail Polish Remover, Oriflame Power Shine Lipstick in Coral Rush, Chapstick Classic Cherry Lip Balm, Chapstick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm, Olay Complete Night Fortifying Moisture Cream, Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Simple Pleasures Lip Balm in Mango Pineapple, Chapstick Lip Balm and AVON Color Trend Shine on Eyes in Teal Shimmer. 

1. Bath and Body Works Coconut Summer Vanillas Fragrance Mist: I had bought this in 2009 and I've been using it ever since. It smells like coconut and is ideal for Summer. Unfortunately, it's limited edition.
Will I repurchase? Yes, if I can find it.

2.  Nivea Sun Cooling After Sun Spray with Aloe Vera:This after sun spray cools my skin after baking in the sun. It doesn't sting or irritate the skin especially if you've got too sunburn, lol.
Rating: 10/10
Will I repurchase? Yes.

3. Eva Acetone Nail Polish Remover: It's a very big disappointment and it doesn't remove nail polish in one go. I used up to 10 to 20 cotton balls to remove my nail polish.
Rating: 1.5/10
Will I repurchase? No.

4.Oriflame Power Shine Lipstick in Coral Rush: I love orange lipsticks! This is one of my favorites from my lipstick collection. Unfortunately, it only comes out during the Summer. The packaging is really pretty with rose gold metal packaging and a white flower motif design.
Rating: 10/10
Will I repurchase? Yes, if I can find it.

5. Chapstick Classic Cherry Lip Balm: : I love this lip balm and have been using it since 2002. I love the cherry flavor.
Rating: 10/10
Will I repurchase? Yes

6.Chapstick Classic Strawberry Lip Balm: Also, I brought this lip  balm back in 2002. The strawberry  flavor is great and is not too strong.
Rating: 10/10
Will I repurchase? Yes

7. Olay Complete Night Fortifying Moisture Cream: I've been using it since 2012 and I was really happy with the product. It made my skin so smooth and soft. It's important to have a good night cream to help prevent aging.
Rating: 10/10
Will I repurchase? Yes

8. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: This has been in my September favorites video. I love this lip scrub. It tastes like bubblegum and it moisturizes the lips with jojoba oil. It has been also featured in one of my Empties posts.
Rating: 10/10
Will I repurchase? Yes

9.Simple Pleasures Lip Balm in Mango Pineapple: It's a lip balm that was featured in a couple of my Empties posts back in May and June. It came in a set of 6 other balms. It looks very cute and funky. The flavor tastes like mango but smells like pineapple and mango.
Rating: 9/10
Will I repurchase? Maybe

10. Chapstick Lip Balm: I love the old school packaging. This lip balm moisturizes the lips and protects it from the sun.
Rating: 10/10
Will I repurchase? Yes.

11. AVON Color Trend Shine on Eyes in Teal Shimmer: This reminds me of MAC's Shadesticks, which are now discontinued. The color is a dark teal with shimmer. The only con is that it creases like crazy and you need to use a primer. 
Rating: 9.5/10
Will I repurchase? Maybe.

That's all for now folks. Until next time. Ciao!

Disclosure : Post not sponsored. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are 100% honest. I am not affiliated with the companies mentioned.

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