Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy New Year! Things to Do in 2014

Hey Beauties,

Happy New Year! Hope you had fabulous fun last night counting down the new year. I have a to-do list of things that you can do now to start the new year at the right foot. Check it out!

1) Out with the old, in with the new
It's time to clear your closet and/or beauty drawers. Make a couple of piles in order to be more organized- to throw away, give away and to keep. I like to donate my clothes, shoes and accessories to a couple of local charities so that way others can make use of what I can't. Throw out your old makeup if it expires- if it has a strange smell or the formula is cakey or tends to separate, it's time to let go. Give away makeup that you'll never use to friends and family but sanitize with alcohol or makeup sanitizer first.

2) Try out new things!
Go to a concert, visit a new city or rock a funky lipstick ( Lime Crime No She Didn't lipstick for me lol). This will help you grow when you get outside of your comfort zone. This year, I plan on visiting the Windy City- Chicago!

3) Create a vision board
I've been wanting to do this for a long time. It's fun and all you need is a bulletin cork board, pictures, magazines, scissors, glue or sticky tape and a little bit of imagination. This will help accomplish your dreams and goals.

4) Spend time with family and friends
Haven't been seeing your family and friends in a long time? Well, it's time to plan something with them. Go to a play or anything that will give you guys some bonding time.

5) Appreciate all you have and everyone who has supported you 
I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting me over the years. Thanks to all of my blog followers and new comers for supporting me over the years and making this blog happen.

Hope you guys like this post! Stay tuned for more videos and posts. Until next time, ciao.

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