Thursday, April 17, 2014

Products I Hit Pan : # 2

Hey Beauties,

I'm currently in London, U.K. for vacation th. Even though, I still have a buffer of material to post while I'm gone. I had a bunch of products that I recently hit pan which doesn't happen often, lol. It's my second time to hit pan in my makeup collection. If you're interested to see what I have in stock, check it out!
Here are a variety of products that I hit pan

1. MAC Freshwater Eyeshadow: It's a bright blue that looks amazing on a variety of looks.
2. MAC Magnetic Fields Eyeshadow: This is a plummy brown that looks great on every skin tone but unfortunately it's limited edition.
3. MAC Thunder Eyeshadow: I didn't like this color because the color was a dirty brown with purple undertones, not a dark purple as claimed so I'm glad that I hit pan on this one. 
4. MAC Performance Art Eyeshadow: A nice light golden purple with shimmer that I tend to use mostly on the lid. 
5. MAC Hazy Days Eyeshadow: This is a unique eyeshadow that I've ever used. It's a grayish green/brown that I tend to use on the lid.
6. Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm: I've been using this lip balm for ages. It smells like vanilla with a hint of mint. 
7. MAC Art Directed Lipstick from Antonio Lopez 3 Lips/Nude Palette: This is a shimmery pink with a blue overlay that looks great on everyone. 
8. Revlon Lip Butter in Gumdrop: It's a purple pink that is moisturizing on the lips.

Hope you enjoyed. Ciao!

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