Friday, May 09, 2014

Product I Regret Buying: AVON Dancing With the Stars Dancefloor Diva Liquid Eyeliner in Diamond

Hey Beauties,

Happy Friday! I'm back with another post of my Product I Regret Buying series. This time, it's one of my favorite makeup items that has to do with the windows of the soul- yup, you got it.. eyes! Check it out!
This is AVON Dancing with the Stars Liquid Eyeliner. I bought this about a few months ago. I thought I would love it but I'm afraid not. The consistency was watery and swatches were awful and streaky

The brush was too small. I prefer to have a slightly thicker brush
 Swatches were too streaky and took ages to dry as you can see here.

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time. Ciao!

Disclosure: Post not sponsored. These are my own and honest thoughts and opinions.

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